Tuesday, October 30

The proverbial mommy

I might have a sinus infection. I do have a sinus infection, ears are ringing and aching and there's this feeling of having water up your throat, drowning. I might have pneumonia too. And fever. I must be terribly sick, maybe even dying. My teeth are hurting incredibly. But as you know I have this dispute with the dentist, and am actually looking for a better dentist, with more modern methods. Then again, the teeth are pretty urgent and are probably causing or adding to the sinus infection. I probably need a cure of antibiotics. I'm usually healthy as a whistle, but this ordeal started weeks ago, before I went to the country house, so it's been building up. I think it went away for the last few days there though.  I will deal with this one day at the time because I also have the home exam to write. So not to worry, it's being taken care of. I will just lie here in the couch, drink tea, read and write and take pauses sending emails, making phonecalls and continue with the new amazing drawing. I'm actually pretty amazed by it myself as well. I drew it in one evening, in a few hours, continously. I took pictures of it when it was only black and white so it can be sold as a coloring sheet in the Red Bubble store. I know you are all eager to get your hands on it, and it will be a minor priority to edit and upload it next week. Now it serves as additional delight through this week, as I have started to color it.

Mommy will pick that up for me. Is like a Halloweeny reference with the wind blowing in the abandoned umbrella. Winnie the Pooh or Drella?

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