Monday, October 29

The drawing

As I promised I would post a picture of the drawing; here it is. It's a post-apocalyptic vision of the conceptual 'sex drawing'. I think that about says it all. The orgiastic energy exploding from the arms of a Quetzalcotl seen as symbolizing the inherently evil of humanity, it's badges and decorations, cars and stars. Coming forth from a giant nipple, as in lifting its face from suckling it. It could also be seen as squishing out from a giant pimple or an in terror beholding eye. With the devil appropriately placed on its shoulder. As a mechanic of mechanical constructions. The beak of the beast is drooling from blood, milk and honey. The sweetness of revenge, the thirst for rapture and to nurture the departure of the iconic image of the mechanical angel humanity rely on to rescue them. She is reaching for the orgasmic hights, listening to the sounds of the birds twitter softly of love through the roar beneath her. The flames within her reach forms a sucky-face of a four eyed bear. The eyes are both sad and kind. Then there's a cactus to the right. Now I see, it's my bedroom. Filled with all the weird dolls, and the flower is not actually a cactus, so the cactus probably stands for something else. Sticky dicks? It is viewed under the conceptual perspective of 'sex drawing', mind you, Note that the Quetzalcotl is laced like a doily, the pees in the pod, the harness, The fungus infected tongues and cracked lips. The beak forms a French lily upsidedown. The cleft palate vibrating from the scream. Who is behind the wheel? The car in front with eyes under the steering wheel and the passenger who just blends in.  It could all just be one giant gobbling turqey too. That's the downside. I can't wait to add color to this. The names on the wikipedia page provide good sound effects in the form of sexual onomatopoeia. I think what this drawing is actually saying is:
- Go to sleep Angelina. 

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