Saturday, October 27

Message from the Space Council

At first, we want to say that we are here to help. We have been here for a long time. In the Space Council we have a doctrine about searching out planets that have developed life and protect them. This entails monitoring planets at various stages of life. It also involves developing strategies about how eventual threats towards the planet could be eliminated. As we have done this for in your way of monitoring time would be seen as millions of years we decided that the best way to secure survival for this planet would be interbreeding. We are protecting the planet from outer sources as well, and could have contiued doing only that, but to make sure that the current population was on an evolutionary course that could themselves develop to gain the technological knowledge aquired in order to themselves be able to detect outer space threats, we decided to interact on surface. After that we made a decision that interbreeding was the best solution. We entered the evolutionary chain during the development of homo sapiens. Now, we in the Space Council see that the civilization has gone havoc and is in need of guidance. We are well aware of your problems, because they are also ours. We are as much to blame for this as you are. The intelligence of the human race has become self destructive. Imagine the planet as a human body. Humanity is the brain, animals are the heart, and the legs are the earth, the arms are the air and the bowels are the water and the blood is the essence of life. Civilization is now a head in the clouds. Proud of itself and its achievements neglecting the pains in the body. Shouting out in space for help. This is why we decided to interact more consciocusly. We feel that a mindmelt with a higher consciousness is necessary. Holistic intelligence. We also felt that it was time for you to say hello to other humanoid civilizations and find out more about your interdimensional familly. 

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