Saturday, October 6

Let's take a closer look at this

There it is, the power of attorney note. Followed by a suggestion to lift a loft, which is exactly what I was plan-ning. All on board? I'm planning to open up the ceiling in the livingroom, so there is room for non-hobbit size individuals to stand up straight.

Putin- Angelina- Kim- Trump

I'm prospecting my possible political allies, Those are the possible ones. It's not much, but it's what I got. Those are the ones that need lecturing. It would be nice to have allies in all continents though, but it doesn't look like a strong leader has emerged from South America yet. In Africa there is Winnie, no she died in April. I remember seeing her on tv while I was down there last year. Who's the Arab big shot this month? They keep arguing amongst each other so much. The one with most bling wins.  I suppose it has to be a woman. Oh, now I get it. All the crazy arabs that has been calling me the last year. They have chosen me as their leader. Which means they see all Europe as their territory already.

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