Tuesday, October 9

I feel a cold creeping up on me

You know the feeling. Nothing feels comfortable. Sore ears, teeth and sniveling nose. Maybe I can create an evasive maneuver to make it leave my body. Not the right time to catch a cold, but it never is. When I got here yesterday it was cold and damp inside. Half the house was suddenly without electricity and apparently the well hasn't filled up since last time I was here, so there's no running water either. One would think that all the raining would also have affected the waterlevels in the well, but it looks like it hasn't. Unless someone has drained my well. Some greedy gnome  needed the water for his petunias. I suppose the mice had gnawed off the electrical wires. I had to change phone operator as well,  to a much more expensive one that has coverage out here in 'nowhere'. I bought for 145 SEK the day before yesterday, and today I got a message that I'm running out of data. Seriously? Two days? Wow, and I have hardly been online, and only made two 10 second calls.  I was going to get a subscription instead of refill card, but someone from Morocco ruined that option for me in 2011. You know who you are, and you owe me for that phonebill. 

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