Sunday, October 7


I would say that the standardized killing of wild animals that enter the urban areas and domesticated animals who escape their oppressors is a phenomenon worth studying from an ecofeminist approach. It could very well be a systematic practice with an underlying intent to show cruetlty toward the innocence of nature and animals. This intent has instinctive grounds based in scare tactics to gain power and control, where the innocence of animals and nature could be equated with the innocence of children and also culturally women.  It may have started for natural reasons, to protect the family from being attacked by wild animals and to stop the food from running away, but now those reasons are hardly valid. Most wild animals don't pose a threat in Sweden, and there is enough food for everbody to survive the day. The upholding of this brutal practice must thus have been revised to other purposes, as mentioned scare tactics to maintain patriarchal power and control. In order to execute this research I would need to look at past events rapported in media and if access would be granted from the police register regarding ho many of these animal killing assignments they have been sent out on, as well as the gender of the person actually making the decision, the gender balance on the actual, workplace and organization. I could of course stick to media, but that would mean having half an empirical base, as the estimated hidden statistics could be up tp 50%. The same would need to be done for farmers, who's animals escaped and were killed, I could also cut the investigation in half by taking away animals killed while escaping captivity and instead focus on wild animals killed in urban areas.  

This is my idea, I can claim it to be mine to investigate, so please don't try to steal it. We would have to fight. 

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