Thursday, October 25

Daddys' girl

When I was down there in the countryhouse I thought about my uncle, my grandmother, grandfather, my grandmothers brother, other relatives that appeared on pictures, scribblings or otherwise made their presence known. And I thought about my dad. Before I left I noticed a lot of people in town suddenly flipping their zippers excessively when I passed by. I was wondering what they meant by this. To zip it? You want me to be quiet about something? Probably that too. Well, it also got me thinking about this painting; 'Zipper flipper' that I made in 2014. Maybe I painted this as a reminder from my dad to go and visit my uncle. I was on my way several times, but I had the cats, the precious cats that I didn't want to leave nor take with me. Two fat cats on the train plus luggage, or to leave them for weeks with strangers. I did find a nice couple where they seemed to enjoy staying for a while, at least Vilma approved. Anyway, my dad. This also made me remember our road trip adventures and when we went out in the city one night, just for mischief, looking up all the wrong people, for fun, entertainment and boredom. The nazi with the crooked nose in the stripped down apartment who had all these cell phone chargers piled up on the kitchen counter, is that what you want me to zip about? I the elevator on the way up my dad said:
- Ok, be careful with what you say, these guys are a bit dangerous. 
- Don't worry dad, I have a knife in my bag. 
Which I did at the time and I showed it to him. Then he laughed. 

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