Sunday, October 28

Biggest in China

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Nya Zeeland

Today. I've come a long way with theoretical reflections and drawing on and upon the literature. I started making a drawing because I saw a program about sign language and on the white board a lecturer had written 'sex drawings'. I took that as a sign that I should dedicate the evening to drawing. I considered sex drawings, but(t) not sure I'm ready for that deep dive into vulgarities. I'm sure porn art is a profitable genre though. People like that stuff in the bedrooms.   Is Zlatan playing for my honor this night? I'm waiting excitingly for the results: "If we win, we win." ( Zlatan in the latest interview with the grey slimmed shirt). Yeah, so if he wins he will sit his ass on the nearest plane know the story. I'm not gonna cry over that. I looked at his new profile pic on Twitter and got a bit hypnotized. I could draw that. All the incarnations of Zlatan. He probably had other names too. All those crazy arabs still calling me are prophets of Zlatan. His kingdom is calling me. 
- Hello, this is Bebelina. You are calling the realm of Bebelina. Angelina is not home. Kosmonaut Planemo will answer all your questions at the reception counter. 
Or should I go with:
- Darling, you have awaken the lioness...
Oh glory. 

I will post the drawing here when it's done and provide a thorough explanation of all the ideas behind it.  I don't really care about football, but it's an expression of society, live enactment of strategical concepts and how individual agents have impact in the strategy and execution of the game. For me personally, it's a metaphor for reincarnation. The first night I spent with my third boyfriend, counting only adult relationships ( all teenage crushes aside), I had a re-occuring dream about looking at a football field from above seeing one player running between two goals shouting " What is reincarnation? What is reincarnation?". That dream occurred in 1994 to be precise. What was Zlatan doing then? Still running around in his diapers. He was 13. That relationship lasted for 13 years. That was an interesting twist of events. I double that:
Bidding for years. So, 26 years with Zlatan, after that I will be 74. Yes, sounds plausible. Then a younger lover would perhaps be more suitable.  Isn't this romantic? I'm planning for our future divorce to make sure it will come to an end at some time and not torture ourselves forever.  If no young lover appears from the mist, then he might be allowed to stick around for longer. 

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