Thursday, September 13

The ultimate solution

I was looking in the fridge wondering what I could cook from the current ingredients. I discovered I had a can of tomatoes and another can of baked white beans. Chili-con-carne? But I had no minced meat, which is an essential ingredient. Then I remembered the huge pack of minced meat that my mother brought home from the grocery store when I visited last. It made me feel very uncomfortable, because a cow, a completely innocent cow, had died for that pack of meat. That is not fair. I'm utterly against killing animals for food, fur or any other commercial interests. We don't need meat to survive, we can very well find equivalent nutricion in other products. Well, then this extremely crazy idea occured to me. We can eat people instead. The planet is overpopulated by humans so it would benefit the environment and the recuperation of nature from human destruction. This is of course highly unethical and that's why I refer to the idea as crazy, but think about the logic of it. Maybe cannibalism is the ultimate solution. The 'tricky part' would of course be to create a moral prerogative to justify this new Soilent Green Industry.  Which humans should we eat? The ones who are problematic to society of course, as criminals for example. We can have a butchery next door to the prison.  In order to supply meat to the entire society we would of course also need to place many more people in prison, which in turn means new definitions of what constitutes breaking the law, new definitons of crimes to be punished by 'meat production'.  😂

Oh well that was funny, however it is not funny for the animals living in such a reality already.

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