Sunday, September 16

Rest in peace old friend.

Just found out that Johnny, an old friend, had died yesterday.. We weren't close but it the same gang ( not the same gang as I mentioned in the post before but H was also his friend) when we were young. We went to the Roskilde festival together in 1994 and 1995 and used to sit at a bar called Pimpinella up in Luleå with the same gang in the afternoons. Unfortunately all my photos from Roskilde are gone since they were at Andreas house when he died in 2005 and his relatives took them and refused to give them back. Andreas was also in the same gang and friends with Johnny. He was a cool guy though, smart, well dressed and kind. My clock had stopped at the same time he died. Strange how that can happen. I bought new batteries and then heard of his passing and the time.

Same day as Johnny Ramone died too, in 2004.

Last time I met Johnny was in the autumn of 2004, pretty much exactly 14 years ago, when he came to visit Andreas. His girlfriend had lost a tooth ( which she got fixed later). We listened to music and talked about stuff in the news. We actually listened to my music I remember, until Andreas 'accidentally' switched if off. H and another friend N, were also there. Don't remember the name of the girlfriend though. We were six people in the room of which two now are dead.

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