Saturday, September 15

Predator *spoiler alert*

Yep, I went to see it on the premiere day, alone. Not entirely alone, there were other people in the salon and considering it's a very small town, I probably knew a handful of them as well.
I tried asking on Facebook if anyone wanted to join me, but got no positive answers, except from a guy in Belgium, which is a bit far. One guy from the gym popped up mysteriously afterwards though. Turned out he had been there alone too. Funny coincidence or stalker warning? Just kidding, nice guy, don't think he has stalker potential , but you never know, they seem normal in the beginning, until the insanity breaks out.

I always wanted to see a Predator film in the movies, so I took my chance now, when Jane was starring as well, what could go wrong? He got killed of course , pierced through the heart with a wooden pole as if he was a vampire. High up in a tree. Remember Reek from GoT? He's in it too. Don't remember how he got killed, but pretty sure he did.  The actual Predators were supercool. I remember when I was a kid and they showed the first Predator on tv. I was so fascinated by the special effects, how it could camouflage itself among the leaves.  The film is maxed with shooting, killing, ripping bodies apart, blood, stupid/funny one-liners; all the good things you want from a film. There's no need to come with any constructive criticism, I just enjoyed it. I'm just wondering why the 3D isn't really 3D, more 3d. In the commercials for 3D the 3D looks amazing , but not in the actual film. Maybe they haven't really developed the technique enough, or you are so accustomed to it that it goes by unnoticed.

Ps. I hope I'm on Nasa's 'shortlist' for communicators when the aliens arrive.

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