Saturday, September 8

I voted yesterday.

We have an election here in Sweden now and you can vote already at the library in Gävle ( where I live) and that is exactly what I did today. So, let me tell you about how it went. There are three instances to vote for: the government, the county administration board and the municipality. I had already decided to vote for at least two different parties, not wanting to put all my eggs in one basket. I could have voted for three different parties, but decided it was enough with two. One has to think strategically as well as with the heart. My heart is with the animals and the environment. The parties who care the most for these issues are relatively small and risk not getting a place in the government. ThereforeI considered voting for a bigger party who also was ranked high by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) regarding environmental issues and animal rights. At the library here was a long line and it took at least 10 minutes before I got to pick the ballots. Since it was so crowded the privacy was compromised and even if one had the option of picking as many ballots as one could wish for, most people just picked the ones they were going to vote for. The line was in the music and film section, so there were lots to look at on the shelves; film-posters, books, photos and people. There was a framed picture of a man with a guitar ( Bob Dylan), a book about opera and cakes, a shelf for spiritual music and some actionmovie stuff. I was listening to music in my headphones and didn't really care much about the crowd. The ballot stand came closer and the guy in front of me picked the same party as I was going to vote for.  Good boy, I though. I picked my ballots in three different colors for each instance: pink, green and white, and looked for a place to discretly place them in the envelopes. There was no discrete place available though, so I just did it where I was standing. After I had licked on the glue and sealed the envelopes I started wondering if I had picked the right ballots. Did I mix up the county and municipality ballots? Was it wrong to vote for the small party for the government? Was that vote 'wasted' if they don't get a place? There was no time for second thoughts. I think the little time you have at the ballot stand due to the long line behind you stresses people out and can cause hasty faulty decisions.
 Next step was handing in the votes and putting them in the box. While I approached the submission and registration tables they were exchanging the personell who was sitting there, so I had to wait. A woman placed a pile of papers over the box to cover up the opening. I asked if I could register my vote with her, but then a man sat down next to her and said that he could take care of it. He looked at my voting card and id and then took my envelopes containing the ballots:
- I can take care of these.
I felt this was a bit strange, because I wanted to place the envelopes in the box myself to make sure it was done right. I couldn't stay there and check what he did with my envelopes because there were so many people. If they even entered the box, got tossed in the trash or were taken away somewhere to someone else is a mystery.  People should get a receipt for their votes, where it says when they registered, who did the registration, where and on what parties they voted. 

Of course there is a lack of trust towards authorities and people who claim to do their biddings, because with power comes corruption. There could be a ballot- scandal in Sweden as well. My vote was just one vote though and if they messed it up it won't make any difference, or? Did they mess up more votes? Is it a strategy to create crowds in the voting areas where things are likely to get mixed and messed up?

I have been asked many times in my work as counsellor about how the election will go. People seem really worried and afraid. They don't know what it going to happen, so many new forces in society that are claiming space and rights. It's like they have stirred up this chaos to create a smokescreen for what is really going on. To make people close their eyes toward the really important issues, as pure survival of our species, other species and the entire ecosystem. They think it's better if people 'stay calm' and focus on issues as gas-prices, immigration, abortion and other human societal problematics. We will not have a human society to worry about unless we stop focusing on those smokescreens and see what is really important. People think, just as I did with my vote, that one vote has no impact on the election results, that one town, county or country has no impact on the environment, that it is everybody elses fault, the other voters/countries etc that are doing everything wrong. This is not something new either. Very common behavior. The environmental issues become too abstract to grasp, too big to fathom, so it's easier to focus on something that is easy to understand and close to home. Unfortunately climate change is affecting our everyday lives now.

This was a much longer post than intented.  I will stop here. Be good,  use your vote for the animals, they have the same rights to live healthy and happy as you do.

On another note, checking the statistics, this is 'now';

Sidvyer per land

Diagram över de mest populära länderna bland bloggläsarna
okänd region
Förenade Arabemiraten

Sorry that's in Swedish, but "okänd region" means unknown region, a region that is growing in the statistics. People who don't want to have their hideouts revealed apparently. Maybe the views are from space, the International Space Station ( ISS) ?

All time statistics still have real countries in the top section.

Sidvyer per land

Diagram över de mest populära länderna bland bloggläsarna

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