Tuesday, September 18

Feeding my obsession

Well, it's not an obsession per se, perhaps from his side. I see it more as an ongoing conversation. A conversation that is not leading anywhere though, but nontheless. I am talking about Zlatan of course and his 500 goals. In an  Instagram post he had posted " #postnumber500" ( iamzlatanibrahimovic 2018-09-16), under a tiled tasteless picture. Not #goal500 but #postnumber500. I reacted upon this and wondered if he was referring to post number 500 on this blog. I mean, since we are flirting,  I mean engaging in a conversation, this must naturally be the case. On this blog there are 1839 post of which 1137 are reverted to drafts (for special reasons) and 702 are actually published. At first I looked up post number 500 from the total 1839, but that was an obscure YouTube- video with a broken link. It basically didn't exist anymore.  Since this was one of the reverted posts I also concluded this was not the referred to post. Then I looked up post number 500 of the 702 published posts. And voilá! There it was. Encore un fois, with Tarzan, the old comic magazine. That's why I replied "Zlatan is Tarzan" to one of his Twitterposts on the 500 goal achievement. The ffunny thing is that there are surely people out there equally obsessed by me, answering to me, writing blogposts to and about me, without me having a single clue of who they are or of the content of their 'conversation' with me. But as indulged in my obsession as I am, I am blinded to it and am certain Zlatan actually is talking to me. Afterall, he's just a football player.  And remember when he acted as a psychic in that tv- show? He is so revealed.

It is a good read though and deserves to be posted encore un fois

Since it's the fourth time this Tarzan post is posted then: May the fourth be with you!

Imagine Helena when she finds his secret room with the walls plastered with pictures of me.

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