Sunday, August 5

Thank you

Thank you YouTube for adding the embedding function back again. Wow, this video was beautiful and really how my existence is right now. A lot of insects out here. Yesterday I finally managed to clean the last room in the house and the amount of bugs was incredible. But I suppose once you make it clear to them that now a human is inhabiting the premisses they will scram. My uncle said that he felt like one with nature, that he didn't know the difference between outdoors and indoors anymore:
- Nature has moved in.
It surely had. The smallest room, where my dad used to sleep, only had three dead mice and the bedroom that I cleaned now actually had no mice, but a lot of bugs instead. I found an antique pistol that the neighbour's friend who works for an auction house was going to get evaluated. Probably get it back on Monday. Would be nice to hear if they know what type of gun it is and have been used for. It must be really old. Then again, what are guns usually used for...There is a picture of it on my Twitter.

I did not allow you to use my scream, Jack. Royalty please.

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