Tuesday, August 7

Sugar daddies

A lot of talk about that right now. Funny coincidence, trend or insinuation? I have gotten several invites, or suggestions lately to pay services with sexual favours. Which I decline of course. I'm not that type of girl. In case there is any misunderstanding or rumour going around. Or is it a trend trying to establish this 'practice' as a normalised behaviour?  If a woman seeks help from a male professional ( entreprenur, contractor etc) or friend, sexual invites have become standard. Are single women expected/ suspected to be open to this type of 'business'? I am not. Do they think I'm asking them for help with something , but 'in reality I'm asking for something else', as sex? I don't. I don't see sex as currency. What misogynist forces are behind this? The news say Swedish people are not getting laid enough. Perhaps this has also affected the sugar daddy trend. It's just another name for prostitution. One guy said:
- Ok, well, I will come over and fix this and then we will fuck I suppose.
Another said:
- I assume you will give me oral services then.
Another was more subtle, moved closer and said:
- That would be very cosy and nice.

I mean, what is going on? What gave them the idea? Always with a wink of course, to protect themselves behind a bad joke if it should explode in their faces. I feel sorry for them. It's basically like begging for sex and using their work, position or favours as persuasive tools. What type of sex are they looking for with that behaviour? Because I can't imagine a bigger turn-off than rape. Which forced sex, obligated sex or any other non- consensual sexual act is. Perhaps this is what turns them on the most? To have the power to make someone do something against their will, to control, humiliate and abuse.

I'm not against gifts and favours in general, or flirtation. Without people helping eachother out civilization would fail completely. The way I am raised however, sex is not currency, sex it's not a trade supply and it's not something you should feel obligated to provide in order to get by in society.  If you want to fuck me, then marry me first.  Just kidding, I don't believe in marriage either. It's an ancient outdated social and religious institution that has no value in a modern society. You can't own me.

I see this as part of a very dark global trend that goes hand in hand with environmental degradation, animal extinction and removal of human rights. We are turning back the clock to mideval times. Unfortunately nature isn't coming with us, we ruined that already. Additionally, these men were all Swedish. Not new immigrants who don't know our culture yet, not extreme islamists or whatever. Just regular Swedish guys.  I'm saying this because people in Sweden have established an opinion that assume all types of sexual harrassments are coming from immigrants. Maybe Swedish men have learned this behaviour from immigrants or the immigrants are just adapting to the culture that already existed?

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