Friday, August 24

Metaphor or simile?

"The thing with which the first thing is compared is to be understood in some "transferred sense":  David is not literally a lion, but he is a lion in some "other sense". " (Corbett 2004). 

Who wins the trop(H)e(Y)?


This is actually very interesting, that typo, or if it was deliberate coding as a humorous play with rhetoric concepts. In case you missed, it it says "fox" instead of "for" under the section "species substituted for the genus", twice too.  I was reading through it and got stuck there, thinking; what do they mean by fox in that context? It took me a while to realize it was a typo. I kept trying to understand how synecdoche included a middle agent, and how bread and food were connected to fox. Anyway, it could also be a juxtaposition and play with the 'species' concept and perhaps a comment on how cunning rhetoric can be. 

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