Sunday, August 12

Back in the big city

Or middle size Swedish city to be more correct. The apartment feels like a luxury hotel with this modern accomodation;   perfectly running water, clean surfaces wherever I look, a big comfy bed and smooth internet. Could not feel more pampered. Except for the pile of bills on the doormat, but Got the car moved over here as well. Big thank you. Some people are worth their weight in gold. Metaphorically speaking. So, what was happening here. The city festival was going on. Takida played last night, but didn't notice that until after my long and well deserved bath, when I was already tucked in bed. A shame really, I could have gotten dressed and walked the 100 meters to the show, but the bed begged me not to go. I didn't notice until now how much I have exhausted my body either. Really needed the rest. Out there on the countryside there is not a second of rest, only mental rest, but there is always something to do, things to clean, organize or fix. There is here too, but in a different way. Not much heavy lifting, except for at the gym. Speaking of, the gym had sent me a huge bill, with unpleasant demands and even more unpleasant interest because I didn't pay my fees in time last month. If they had sent me an email explaining there was a problem with the payment, this could have been fixed. Instead they sent paper bills, that nobody was opening for five weeks. This is no way to treat a loyal member that has payed 45 000 SEK in total since I joined in 2012. Outrageous really, and they will hear about it.

Yep, the bitch is back. 😀

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