Sunday, August 19

A week of rest

After that the Sunday of doom comes. When you know you can no longer slouch in couch in your jammies and instead must prepare for a working week. Book the laundry room. Look at traintickets up north. Select which bills to pay. It's not easy being a student still, salary is not that good for overgrown geniuses. Anyway, what more? I'm just sharing my to-do-list here so you all can join in on the upcoming Monday anxiety. Yes, rearrange gaming, internet and phone accounts. I must quit Blizzard. The game is good, really good lately actually, but I don't play often enough to have a standing subscription. I must change my gym subsciption to student. Finding better internet/phone-options. The operator I have now on my phone doesn't have enough coverage out on the countryside, which is absolutely necessary. Then terminate the home broadband subscription and use mobile hotspot at home too. I'm not home that much to justify having a broadband connection. That's about it for the week.  Oh yes, book the schedule. I could get some antiques evaluated. Was tipped to call a medieval nerd for that, but not sure if the epithet nerd qualifies to have the authority to perform an expert evaluation.

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