Tuesday, July 3

Sweden is more than football

I think this sport has taken enough of our time. It's not doing anything good for humanity or the rest of the world. Ok, it's a unifying game, brings people toghether in big arenas where they can act out their inner cavepersons and it brings good exercise to the players, but other than that? It's nothing. It's a bloated game that through investments has become big, just as many other areas that are infested by finacial interests. When has football done anything for the environment, the animals or for gender equality? The attention the male players get compared to the female players is out of proportion. Ok, Zlatan has a tattoo of a lion on his back. Maybe this is a flirt with Asllani, or a tribute to the women's team, or has nothing to do with that. Things rarely has nothing to do with anything. She's also calling him Z and says people have a short memory.

I do not have a short memory and I notice everything. 

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