Saturday, July 28

No more fires please.

When my son tells me to go online and chat with people, then I know I have been very quiet for a while. I thought internet would survive without me, but apparently not. I have been talking to people irl though, real actual people, and I have been listening to nature. The other evening a buzzard flew quitely right over my head. The place is improving, but the well has run dry due to the drought and perhaps I used too much water when I was cleaning, but it was necessary. Hopefully the well will fill up soon again. I have been sorting garbage: metal, plastic, electrical applicances, textiles, wood and paper. Next week I will have the water damage in the kitchen inspected and hopefully the insurance will pay off so it can be fixed. Other than that I have just been writing on my essay, applying for well paid jobs, hanging out with the neighbours and enduring the heat. I hope the fires will come to an end before the entire country is in flames. The place is really lit enough as it is. Red summer indeed, as my uncle had written on a note. Thank you to all the firefighters for the great job you are doing right now and to all the firefighters that have come from other countries to help out. Please think of the wild animals suffering from the heat and the fires and stop the hunting and killing. Give them water, food and peace. 

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