Saturday, July 7

I have a confession to make

I have never seen a ghost or even an aura. I know this is shocking, but it's true. During the 'new age'-era, where it was very important to show that you were a spiritually evolved person; I lied about these things, because I wanted to be accepted by that community. This doesn't mean I'm a liar by nature and that everything else I say is false. Of course, you can judge me and draw that conclusion, if it suits your needs, but that would be incorrect. This doesn't mean I'm not a spiritually evolved person either, because I consider myself to be that in any case, despite my lack of vision. To be spiritually evolved for me means to have a philosophical perspective on life, to be open to different interpretations and viewpoints and to be compassionate.  The reason I'm adressing this issue is because it was brought to my attention in an unexpected way. On the website I received a private message from another academic that said: "I hope that you have found a way to cope with your visions." I have no idea what visions this person is refering to. I replied and asked, but haven't received an answer yet. Maybe the person confused me with someone else, but it made me think of 'my visions' and what they could be that this person with the choice of words implied was difficult to "cope with".  Even in my younger years when I experimented with psychedelic mushrooms I never even hallucinated. I was jelous of people who had hallucinations, because it seemed fun and also more 'spiritually evolved', but it never happened to me. I might be immune to hallucinations. I do remember my dreams though, and they are a type of hallucinations. According to new science we hallucinate our entire reality as well. The halluciantions we share, or agree upon are what we call reality. You can't change the past, or can you? How we retell and re-interpret our experiences also changes them in our and others memories. Some experiences are so powerful though that no other interpretation can change them.

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