Tuesday, July 17

Hillbilly county

North-east from Gothenburg by the lake Vänern, that's where it's all happening. Quite touristy town.  I would say it's a classical old town, not quite a city. Old houses everywhere. And a river. Yes, I finally got internet going on the laptop. Mobile hotspot. The connection isn't super realiable though and I might need to change operator.. I live in an original Swedish country village where families have stayed for generations. The houses are spread out so that everybody can gaze out on the vast crop fields and feel the oneness with nature in privacy when needed.  Some farmers have started harvesting early due to the drought and there is a rumour they will get financial compensation for the loss of income. Winter is coming though and considering the extreme heat we are experiencing now, I fear the winter will also be worse than ever. Wonder if it's possible to watch Netflix? I have gotten much done in cleaning, garbage sorting, watching sunsets and actually writing too.

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