Tuesday, July 31

Black Tot Day

This is an important day in history.

Eight years ago I wrote a note in the diary here about the trailer disaster. My grandmother had also written a page, about my birthday and that another relative had fallen on a speck of ice on the 26th, the same day my dad died a year later, and my uncle seven years later. The diary also tells about the bingo winnings. We won even more that year too. It was a strange coincidence that I openend the diary on this day. I was sorting the stuff I had in the trailer and found it and a lot of other stuff, like toys, comic-magazines, scented candles, watercolors, pens and drawing-paper. Of course I had to make a drawing too. I will post the pictures of the drawing and the diary notes on Instagram, because they take too long to upload to the blog. Internet is not fast out here in Farmville.  I'm guessing the drawing is a gift from my uncle, like a spiritual portrait perhaps. He liked watching things grow, planting and tending to his garden. He had a different nose than the rest of the family though, we don't really know who he got it from. Maybe from someone on my grandfather's side.

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