Friday, June 22

I care

Poor Melania. "I don't really care, do you?". Does she not really care about what people are saying behind her back? Has it no meaning?  Of course this must be mansplained. If Donald really wanted to attempt to save the situation he could have gone for a different explanation than adressing fake news. Not that it actually could save the situation, because the childcamps are unforgivable. Does he mean that the childcamps are fake with child actors, as someone on Twitter said? It's an incredible accusation directed to people who are suffering. He could have said it was a rhetorical provocation with the purpose to create engagement in the issue of the children. But he didn't, instead he used it as firewood in his personal battle with media. Which is to spit in the face of the children. It says he cares more about his own appearance than of anything else. Even if he had gone for the rhetorical provocation angle it still would have been insulting, but it would also have signaled an attempt to care.  And #wherearethegirls ?

Happy midsummer everybody.

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