Friday, June 1

Guys are avoiding me

This is new, and weird. At the bodycombat class every Wednesday there are usually at least three guys who take the class regularly, but all three have been absent the past three times at least. And, today the last day of class at the university, none of the guys in the class showed up.
Wonder if this is a coincidence or a pattern? The future will tell.  Oh and yes, keep me waiting half my life and see how that works out for you. This doesn't apply to internet though, just irl. Maybe I'm too scary to meet for real? Chicken. Migraine and bad mood all day. I was wondering why that was, then the rain and thunderstorm came. Problem solved. Started watching Suits. Not because Meghan Markle, I realized she was in the show, and who she was after perhaps two episodes:
- Isn't that the woman that got married to that prince somewhere..?
I like it though. Some really strange coincidences there as well. Other than that, I have just been trashing this newly formed band on fb. I thought they needed some constructive criticism instead of hearing about how cute and good they always are and how they never can do anything wrong because they are such sweethearts. Yes, it's sickening. Hence: me.

I'm having an 80's music crush, better late than never...again.

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