Saturday, June 30

Evaluation of interview

I got called to a job interview last Wednesday. They called me up early in the morning while I was in Luleå sleeping on my mothers couch.  You know how it is, when the phone wakes you up: very confusing. The voice on the other side was firm and decisive and made me clear up my head and listen. He wants to meet me next week for an interview.
- How about Monday?
- Monday I will come back to Gävle from Luleå and I have an additional meeting planned already.
-Ok,  then I have 13 on Tuesday or 10 or 13 on Wednesday.
Since I knew I had something planned on Tuesday, I said 13 on Wednesday. Also thought this would give me the opportunity to investigate the company more and land after 12 hours on a train.  So we decided 13 on Wednesday.  I sensed immediately that I should have taken the time on Tuesday instead, because it was the 26th ( personal reference) and also out of fear of someone else impressing them more before I get there. He sent me an email confirming the date where he also said I should get back to him if I wanted to change the time. I waited for a day, then I replied suggesting Tuesday instead. Then it was too late, Tuesday was already booked. This of course put me in bad light to begin with: chosing the last offered time, trying to re-schedule 24 hours later and failing as well. Since I was at my mothers, not telling her about the interview was impossible, but I managed to avoid telling her where and with what company. That I only told my son. Allthough, I might have given hints, since my mother and her friend interrogated me for answers. They made me reveal it was as a temporary position as communicator in Gävle. If you search the job advertisements the position is easy to find with that information. Giving them hints was of course also a mistake. Nobody knows what those crazy ladies are up to, but from prior experiences it's ususally nothing good. Anyway, when I got home I started preparing for the interview by reading up on the company. Analyzing the website to be more precise, to know their departments, important services and policies. I noticed a few flaws on their website that I mentioned in the interview. An important issue that they had almost hidden that should be on the front page. Two peple were interviewing me, the guy who called and his boss; a woman. I liked them. I liked him more than her. He was married and was flashing his ring several times. He poured me and himself a glass of water. Maybe he though I had cottonmouth. Maybe I had. It's always stressing to be placed under intensive surveillance. They asked some personal questions and nicely I tried to avoid them, by insiuating I do not like to talk about myself or my private life. I was more interested in what they had to say about the nature of the job and the practicalities. I was an easy job. Just handling the internal and external communication of the company. Help the boss make some funny videos, write newsletters about new rules, regulations, people and meetings and talk to the press when there is a crisis or important message that is of public interest. I refered to my education for having the knowledge and my time as company owner for practially doing these things. Good grades I do have, but unfortunately no references from my time as company owner. How do a company owner find references? I have to contact former colleagues, with whom I probably had personal relations with as well, to bury the hatchet ( there's always a hatchet) and ask for help in this matter. Which is humiliating and I won't do it. If you do not trust me, then I see no future at this workplace.  Of course I didn't say that, it's just how I feel. One thing they did was to ask the same question several times. This was a strategy to see if I either come up with new answers every time, stick to the same answer or become irritated.  I avoided irritation and repeated the same answer. She asked about how I would feel about the lack of creativity and the obligation to follow a policy. Since she put it that way 'lack of creativity', I sensed she wanted me to focus on the positive sides of having a policy to follow, that it's comfortable.
- I can be creative in my free time.
- Yes , but it's also about finding creativity in everything you do.
- Yes of course, that is true.
I should have said that, not her. I think we go to the same gym. Maybe she called me in for an interview because she wants me to start saying hello to her there. Maybe I have ingored her presence and been oblivious of her important position in society. Maybe he wanted me there to have an affair.
I called her up on Friday wondering if they had made a decision, as they said they would.
- Unfortunately we have chosen another candidate. Someone with more practical experiences with the actual profession as communicator and who will not be studying simultaneously, but the content analysis of the meeting protocol was really good.
- Thank you.
Yes, I even thanked her for dumping me. That's how good she was. I will give her credit for that. Unfortunately her arguments doesn't sum up, since I do have practial experience, just not as an employee for some other company than my own, and mint fresh education on top of that. Whatever skills you think you have, mine are fresher. I will write your letter of resignation for you before the week is over ( I have been watching Suits, and this is the kind of power talk that they use.) . I will take your job, Missy and let the communicator you hired inform you about it. Because, if you don't know I'm the best you can get, you are not suited for this job. I understand their fears though, it must have been like a Velociraptor walking into the room. 

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