Thursday, May 3

Really don't have time for this

Very busy preparing interview questions. But, before I forget and can move ahead the with tasks of the evening I must tell you about the belated weekend. It was a magical experience and I want all the details to be documented. Because I feel they will have importance somehow. The place was still a mess, but less than the time before. An unexpected turn of events was that the water pump had broken down. No running water. The only thing I had to drink the first evening was some old bottles of julmust (christmassy Swedish beverage a bit like coke with beer, only without the alcohol). This gave me a horrible migraine that lasted the entire night. Which was very scary otherwise as well. Alone in a rotting cabin in the woods, surrounded by wast crop fields. It sounds like a paradox, but it's not. The view is magnificent, but when darkness many sounds. I don't know if it's people, animals, ghosts or aliens lurking around the house. I heard steps outside, then knocking on the parabol. Could have been a bird. I saw a squirrel. After surviving the first night, in pain from the migraine ( probably enhanced due to lack of water) I had to cave in and call the neighbour and ask if I could trade some bottles of julmust for water. After finally having my first cup of coffee the work started. I am an expert in garbage sorting now. I have carried out dead mice, scrubbed the floors and washed myself with icy cold rainwater from the big barrel that probably has a graveyard of rodents or other misfortunates at the bottom.  Yes, so I ran outside naked in the night with only a towel to cover myself wearing nothing but brown suede boots ( that is a paradox).  Splashed my face and my body, added soap then splashed again until I was shivering from the cold and ran inside while the towel fell off my voluptous but firm body. The neighbour said there are militaries creeping around the bushes in white uniforms and caravans of motorcycle police driving by on a regular basis. To air the vehicles. I still slept with an axe under the bed. My uncle said he saw someone in a white shirt walking across the yard several times before. He thought it was a ghost, or a neighbour strolling around, or someone who gotten lost, but it could have been the military then. I remember a conversation we had, he asked:
- Have you thought about how many aliens there are on tv nowadays? All programs are just about aliens. There are nothing but aliens on tv. I feel a bit uncomfortable with this. It's so unreal.
I actually don't remember what I replied to this, but led the conversation into special effects and its entertainment value.
- So you mean it's just special effects? I was starting to think it was real or that I've gone mad, but it's just effects you say?
I'm not actually sure he said that, but something along those lines. Then I suppose I joked about how funny it would be if he got contacted by aliens through the tv. I think that's why I never turned on the tv while I was there. Out of sheer terrror.   He had even cut down some trees to get a better reception. It would be a very nice place for first contact though, just like when the Vulcans came. The vast fields serve well as landing areas and there is a military airport in nearby too. Well, back to work.

Ooh, look at that, someone loves me ( the poll). 👄

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