Friday, May 25

Internet security

Been caughing all week, had the flu. Getting better now though, but it's a hassle to to start caughing when you're answering the phone. I wonder how many people are bugging my phone, checking my webcam etc. Maybe I'm just being narcissistic by assuming they do, but evidence speaks to the contrary. I should cover my camera like everyone else does, but it looks paranoid with the piece of paper taped to the laptop. Plus, being single and all, what do I have to lose? It's better for interested parties to see the harsh truth of everyday misery, decay and sour faces. It's not like I have something horrible to hide. Now when it's summer and the apartment is hot I mostly sit topless by the computer as well.

I just had to.

Btw, I do not approve of YouTube removing the embed code function. It makes embedding more complicated with two additonal steps. Well, that was a boring scene from Benjamin Button, I picked it because it said "most handsome". 

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