Monday, May 28

I am not a messy person

I am strictly organized individual. Everybody with any insight in my private life knows this. I have done extensive book-keeping when I had a company, I am writing exams, getting good grades etc. I don't color code my wardrobe anymore, due to pragmatism I have excluded that feature. My son is very much like me in those aspects ( except that he refuses to go back to school) and I often tell him when he blames himself (for whatever shortcomings he perceives and because "Everybody else blames others, I take responsibility for my choices.") that :
- We are in this life together. You are not to blame for everything that happens to you.
Meaning both literally and metaphorically on personal and societal levels. We don't live in vacuum, isolated from others, we live in symbiosis. We need to help and support eachother and work towards more inclusiveness of others, because we depend on their cooperation to survive. If we do this, then others might follow. If they don't, it's not our fault, it's their own as well, for chosing to exclude.
I would like to be a messy person though, they seem to have so much more fun and get excused all the time.  There's a rebel in me that peeks out every now and then, but when things get serious you can count on me, then I am the solid rock of loyalty and trust. You can ask anyone about that too. It's a trait we inherited from my grandmother.

Ok, back to writing scientific stuff. It's Monday. Remember Happy Mondays? Never really liked them. So basically, I'm not unpredictable at all, you just don't know me well enough.

I suppose the boy will become upset now. He doesn't like being mentioned on the blog. But you know, just to show that we are a perfectly normal family. Aside from my mother of course. That's the real nutcase. 😂

I told my son I will come and sleep on his couch when I come up there, because sleeping on my mothers couch do involve cat-cuddling, which is nice, but it also involves 24-hour constant monitoring with suspicious comments about everything I do and say.

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