Sunday, May 6

Eurovision season

I have actually no idea why this engages me, it just does. The music and performances are more often than not horrid. But it's communication. I want to know what they are saying. What is your opinion on my life? Because let's not mistake ourselves; it's still all about me. I saw the German artist wanted people to send in their photos. I was considering sending in my header photo, but then I couldn't find the post again this morning. I suppose it will still be there, on the big screen. Metaphorically or otherwise.  I think it's also crush season, they coincide, eurovision - and crush season. Maybe that's why I have had so many crushes on artists from there. Or do I? How many crushes from ESC? Two that I can think of right now anyway. No wait, three. I like men with make-up, makes them look so much better.  It starts the day after tomorrow. I have already bought shrimps. I know it's wrong to eat them, but just on this special occasion. Otherwise I'm still aiming for a vegan diet as much as possible.

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