Thursday, May 10

Always trying to steal my limelight...

Another reader who loves me ( the poll):

This is of course interesting in many ways and in need for a deeper analysis. I can go for the obvious first. It's a flirt with me. Aside from that I would say it's critique against the fortune telling business as only wanting to make money and giving diffuse half-assed answers. 'Zlatan speaks' is also a referential metonym to 'Seth speaks', a favourite book of mine by belated Jane Roberts. You can also see the word 'lucky' there in background.  Well, look what love can do, I finally got him in a cage.👄 His acting skills are in need of improvement though. In defense of the fortune telling business I feel it's my obligation to inform you that we do provide an important service to society. We listen to and help people gain insights and perspective to life experiences.

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