Monday, April 9

When you think about it

Time for example. When people die you are sad because of the time not spent together. You remember the times you could have spent together, but you decided to do something else, because you thought there was plenty of time ahead. Then there wasn't.  My dad said:
- We got the time we got.
Like it was a gift, not a choice. Maybe free will is just an illusion, but nontheless one we must keep to maintain motivation to progress and proceed.  To not solely live for the moment and then be angry when there's no food on the table.

Well, this was a boring topic. It's snowing in April, what do you expect? Worst winter in 100 years. We should blame Game of Thrones. They underestimated the power of " Winter is coming.".

From phenomenal to phenomenology:

Buber was a funny guy with "..his fellow.- creature.." and  "..majesty of destructive destiny..".
Fellow - creature? Is that Eve or just women in general he refers to? 

And then we have the Husserl paradox. 

Husserl argues that others exist in their own right, apart from our subjective experience, but that this is paradoxical since our own experience is all we have.  In order to know the other we must look into ourselves and examine how the other manifests itself in our inner reality and at the same time maintain the belief of the other as real. 

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