Monday, April 23

No, I'm not gonna let it go Jared.

You promised me. You said that if I tagged your stupid tour name and Sweden you would give me free tickets to the show in Stockholm, which was yesterday. I trusted you and tagged the day before. In good time for you and your people to notice my marketing of your music industry. The industry that keeps you and your crew and their families well fed and probably well housed and financially secured for a long time ahead. Did I get any tickets? No. You know what this means? It means you are a fraud and a liar and there's nothing beautiful about that. I had no plans yesterday, I would have come to Stockholm and watched your concert and most likely provided fancy visual material which would have served as additional promotion for your industry. I don't really feel that I missed out on something though. Watching the footage from yesterday makes me happy I got off the hook. Drunk, rabid crowd and your music that has been reduced to "whoaaa-whoaaa" and nothing more in combination with the incessant flag waving. I mean, what happened? Seriously. This is not music worthy the name anymore. It's background noise to a drunken mob. I don't want to body shame you, but out of concern for your health I must say that you are starting to look dangerously anorectic. Maybe it's the beard that gives the head abnormal proportions to the rest of the body?  Anyway, that was not ok, to lie like that and betray my trust. This means I am not your friend anymore. I'm not your enemy either, but friends don't do this to one another. It's not ok to be an asshole, douchebag.  So, as you can see Jareds actions in this drama was a dealbreaker. Another dealbreaker, just in  general, involves a policy I have regarding oral sex. Sorry, for using that word. This is not a sex-blog, but the topic is not forbidden either. It's like this, if I start dating a guy and he wants me to do that but won't do this himself, then it's a dealbreaker. For both, I assume. Because he wants that and can't imagine not getting it ever and thinks that I would agree to not get this and still give him that because...why? Because he sees himself as more important and that doing this is a greater sacrifice than that. It shouldn't be a sacrifice, it should be a pleasure. Well, I knew that wouldn't last long, but maybe we can still be friends? 😀

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