Tuesday, April 24

Laundry day

Must do laundry in the dark, damp and dangerous basement now, since my laundry machine decided to quit.

I was thinking again about religion and the comfort it provides to those who either actually believe ( which assume are a minority) and those who claim to believe as a part of different agendas: to feel belonging or get support from religious communities or to convolute psychological delusions within religious narratives.  For example, to say you see angels and are recieving messages from angels, instead of  saying you're having hallucinations. That also has a cultural background, that the western society has developed a disbelief in other dimensions. A belief that is opposed by quantum physics since decades ago, but still is solid in medicine. That means that we know other dimensions exist ( if we put our trust in quantum physics), but we haven't acknowledged the possibility that our human senses could be capable of perceiving them ( according to medical science). I wonder what logic lies behind this interdisciplinary gap? Lack of faith, fear of rampage or a mere remnance of maintaining structural power? Each science to its own. If it can't be medically proven, then it can't be embraced into that science. Changing perspective is perhaps not their strong point. It would reveal a weakness in orginiality. They could not come to this conclusion on their own. Fortunately science is evolving and interdisciplinary research is the future.

There have been two recent shootings in the neighbourhood. The basement is definitely not a safe place.

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