Sunday, April 22

I've been thinking

About the concept of forgiveness. I know I have brought this up before, but it's an interesting concept, because it involves so many cultural and religious misconceptions To begin with: it's a word. A word that symbolizes an act. An act of belief it seems. It has no pyshcological definition, which means no psychological process has been outlined or discovered to explain what forgiveness is. This is what has been bothering me. That I see it as a non-concept. Something that has no actuality. It's a word that in reality stands for many things, but not forgiveness itself, because forgiveness doesn't exist according to science. Hence, I can't offer it to you, just as I can't offer you a unicorn or the tooth fairy. Because I do not believe.  I do not beleive in saying: "it's ok that you did wrong to me", when I don't feel it's ok.  The closest I can come a psyhcological definition of forgiveness would be understanding and accepting the other, or myself. That I understand my own and others innocence in coming to this world, as children, not knowing what to expect. Children who are shaped by their surroundings, society and biological prerequisites.

Then again, what do we know about what we know before birth, or after death? What knowledge do we bring with us to this life?

Forgiveness on Wikipedia. ( I know, bad source, but still..)

As it states  "..there is presently no consensus for a psychological definition of forgiveness .." ( Wikpedia 2018-04-22).

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