Saturday, April 28

Fuck the public opinion?

Woke up this morning with a strange insight. You remember the scandals that have surrounded Swedish music festivals and also is a problem all around the word? Women are getting raped in the audience.  Can you see the relationship with this horror and the word paradox? If you are Swedish it's easier. If you have rhetoric knowledge it's even easier.  Para ( Swedish word for mating) + doxa ( rhetorical figure that symbolizes the public opinon). These public rapes on women in the midst of a crowd can be seen as political misogynist terrorism, because it's an attack on the public opinion, here represented by women. The power position of women as public opinion leaders, influencers and multipliers is by these rapes punished as a a part of a reactionary oppressive agenda to put women back in their place. Which according to these men is not within the doxa, the public sphere. To create festivals for women only is of course one way to adress this problem, but I would not call it an ultimate solution. Because to separare women from the men's world is what these misogynist activists are striving toward. To scare them off. To create awareness of the problem is the beginning of finding a solution. So where do we go from here?

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