Saturday, March 31

The lion

Technically it's not a lie that is was digitally placed in the video together with Zlatan, but it was an actual lion that they tortured ( obviosuly) on the film set. Imagine the transport, cages, all the lights and strange people. Where did the lion come from and where did it go back to? Those are important things to know. Nevermind the rest of the interview, just boring repetionions of same old phrases. Look at how tight his shorts are when he's sitting down though, and the posture. Like, check out the package. Perhaps the lion wasn't real to his knowledge? Another way to avoid telling the truth. According to the press conference today there seem to be some marital problems: he's hardly talking to his wife and all that she's good for is looking after the kids, so he can do more important things. Yes, he actually said that. I don't think they're even married. Maybe they got married before America, to fit into the conservative culture.  Well, Zlatan will be stuck in America for a while now, which leaves the reast of the globe free for me to roam. Don't have to worry about having him lurking around the corner ( it's been a big problem lately). Unless he flies me over of course, that would be neat. But you know how guys are: big words, little action. Another guy said we would go on a Carribean cruise, but that's hasn't happened either. Maybe he meant in 10 years. the date was never actually discussed. Another guy said I could cut off his beard, another that we would video chat ( yes, I know!). I have so lowered my standards. But then again, last time I checked the mirror there were cellulites and my teeth are a bit gnarly. We must always keep in mind that most men are superficial and sees women as pieces of meat. I have to say though, that I find it more and more difficult to talk about people in terms of gender. It is really passé. 

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