Friday, March 16

More from Gotland

I created a portfolio in Creative Cloud:
For some reason all pictures ended up in the contact section. Will fix that later, maybe.
It's very pretty there and perhaps it's a bit unsual to see winter images from Gotland.  The sky is beautful, too bad the sheep and cows (with icy backs) didn't get a chance to see it. The animals in the farm were in a icy cold barn. Maybe it was ok for the sheep with their thick fur, but the cows.
Too bad I didn't take a picture of the two dead foxes one farmer had nailed up in front of the house. A classmate did though. Macabre indeed. I don't support any type of hunting of wild animals or farming animals for food and fur. As a human species we have evolved past that. The photos are unedited, way too tired to even consider that. You get what you see. Haven't uploaded the videos yet. Will look through them first.

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