Friday, March 23

Long week

Yesterday's trainride home was a bit different.  First a mom with two children. They were dressed like from the beginning of last century, Amish-ish, or the environmental muppet look. It is a look in case you didn't know. All brown/green and of course only natural materials, accepted brands and knitted itchy hats on the children, but so cute. The costume parade continues. A couple dressed up as from a fairytale, big fluffy garments and feathers in hats. Like coming from an medieval fair. Then a moose standing by the side of the train, looking into the forest. Then a bird, a swallow, flying with a stick in its mouth. Speaking of animals. Zlatan and the lion in the Los Angeles Galaxy commercial. How many times do I have to say this? Do not use animals in commercial purposes, music videos etc. You might think you look cool with a wild animal next to you in a video, or having a snake around your neck at a tourist resort, but let me tell you this: it only makes you look stupid. The animals do not chose to participate. It is not your right to exploit them for selfish or financial purposes. Animals are not media toys. Of course he is now going to poodle and claim it was a digital lion and I hope that is true. I think an explanation is due and I do not want to hear about his identification with the lion as a cause.

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