Saturday, March 3


So we went on a field trip with the class to the beautiful summer island Gotland. I have never frozen so much in my entire life like I did this week. There was a blizzard! (note to self: play more) Icy winds and snow, so much snow. It was like a polar expedition and I was dressed for city fab. I don't own any polar expedition clothing. We stayed at a hostel, which was all nice and tidy, but also cold, very cold. The rooms were not just a bit chilly, but also freezing. Not to mention the showers. We had to shower in ice water. Ok, that was an exaggeration, but almost. The water in the showers was warm, but the bathrooms were not heated at all.  The beds were also warm with thick duvets, so no freezing under cover. It was all very interesting though to visit this popular island that most Swedish people know as a summer resort and the home of Pippi Longstocking. To see this nature during the most harsh winter time gave it fantasy feeling. It became GoTland ( Game of Thrones land ). The boat trip was of course Titanic and especially the journey back in the darkness with the ship all covered in ice. No Jack though, or a too shy Jack, or not interested Jack. It was fun getting to know the people in the class a bit more. Unfortunately my schedule was all smacked the entire week which limited the possibilites for socialization with others than group members, room mate and respondents. Seven interviews.We travelled all around Gotland, from north to south, east to west and saw the seaside from all possible angles and directions. Plus a hefty amount of windmills, many with broken or completely chopped off blades.  I never went inside the walls of Visby, there was simply no time. Went to Almedalen library though and sensed the winds of politics flapping aimlessly through the leaflets. So many stories from this journey to tell, but what happened on Gotland stays on Gotland, or? Personally I passed out early every night after being out on the field all day and completely missed out on any intricate intrigues or happenings. The most exciting thing that happened was that someone accidentally took my shoes one night, but got them back next morning. Then the car almost started burning, but that's a different story.


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