Tuesday, March 13


So tired, shouldn't actually be blogging, but not tired enough to sleep, not keen on working, nothing new on Netflix. I want Matt Smith to come back as Doctor Who. Life is not the same. Maybe I should watch Buffy again. If I did, wonder how many times it would make? Could be five already. I'm actually considering it. That's the thing with series, they create a world that you become familiar with and then when it ends, you must watch it again to be a part of that world. Clever trick. I should find my "I must remember this" posts, if only I could remember where I put them. It's a beginning of a new book, completely fictional, that I started writing for my own amusement some years ago. Time just flies away so fast. It was about a group of people in Germany around the 50's who got entangled in different situations and relations, mixed with some interdimensional sci-fi elements of course.

I think this guy likes me. We have a plan. 🐠

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