Monday, March 5

A childs play

There can be some interesting discussions. Like using storytelling to create metaphors of philosophical paradoxes. I can't retell the actual story, because it is unpublished material by the maternal unit, but I can retell my intepretation of it. The men standing in line waiting for the door to open to heaven, on the stairway to heaven symbolizes the church and the little child running up in front of them, the devil. The child, as the most innocent being then becomes an embodiment of the paradox of good/evil. They are all men, because this is an ideology only men could create. According to the story. They are all standing there because of the belief of their religions, waiting for the door to open and to reach whatever land of plenty or reality they have been promised or fantasized about. It's also a metaphor for religion as such, as something we tell our children to explain the mystery of death.

I wonder if my mother has become religious. You never know what happens when people grow old, what kind of oddities they decide to engage in, or ghastly beliefs they might develop. She started with complenting me on my studies and said that it must be good to finally be taken seriously. Like it was even a mission. It is sad though that it requires an academic exam to be taken seriously, and by whom ? What has that really got to say about anything in regards to what is seen as a requirement for deserving respect? Themselves of course. Perhaps a need for authority,

Anyway, the nothingness on the other side of the door is also a symbol for the paradox of existance, Schrödingers cat, the empty signifier and everything/nothing, but it was still a place. The nothingness seen as a place is perhaps impossible for human minds to exceed.  Then she started talking about fairies and other dimensions and I had to laugh considering the possibility of every thought or fantasy, religious or not, manifesting in an infinity of realities. The mind needs to create limitations to make existance comprehensible, or tangible, easy to package. Since we only have this physical reality to relate to our visions of the afterlife are the same, or similar, but more etheric in general. Other dimensions on the other hand, we tend to see as a conceptually similar to our.

She was considering this as a childs play, something that would boggle them for life.

I boggled my son on his birthday today by visiting him at work, it was colliding worlds. Mommy at work. The horror. Independent George. I was just being a good mommy by taking the opportunity to see him on his birthday and do some solid household textile shopping at the same time. He works at one of these big shopping areas and advancing for sure, considering shopping is the modern religion.

Well, back to work. Those sheep farmers need scrutiny.

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