Tuesday, February 20

There's bizarre


The grinches. 

It's an ugly bunch for sure. 

Today Andreas has been dead for 13 years and there are 13 faces in this image. I made it around the time we dating or just after, when I started dating his friend instead and ended up in 13 year long relationship. I made a lot of appointments today, for 13.00 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week. We're going on a field trip with the university and are conducting some interviews, hence the appointments. Well, I don't know if this image is decorative enough to work as prints on clothes and interior designs, unless you are truly bizarre. Maybe it needs some text. I forgot to add my signature or logo, It would look good as a poster with some slogan, but what? Slogans are just commercial or propagandistic messages. It has a commercial feeling though, that it could serve as background for an informative poster. He liked military green. 

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