Saturday, February 3

Swedish Eurovision

Or Mello as we call it. 😁
Tonight was the first competition.
I can't even begin to explain. Maybe it's a part of an anti-feminist counteract against the #metoo movement. Two men were hosting and two men won a place in the final, who danced it off together on stage in the end like the doppler effect. The first act was a blonde bimbo in jeans shorts who jumped up and dowm and talked about how fun it was to party in the interviews. Great representation of how anti-feminists prefer to see women. The logo for the contest was a rip-off of Zlatan Ibrahimovics perfume series. Then we had the devils pitchfork- the impossible trident- a tuning fork. A man was singing the pause music as well. It was like the invasion of middle aged men. Luckily Benjamin is a cutie, otherwise it would have been too much. According to his sister he's really dumb though. Shame. Maybe I should continue watching Asterix and Obelix instead. Started watching it while I was in Lidköping, dubbed to Finnish. To freshen up my language skills. Then checking the odd stastistics, from FYROM Macedonia. Eurovision connotations at first, then boar- hunting. For(k) real. He should sue them plagiarism of the logo. Then the audience holding up signs with K's on, for Karlstad I assume, but lined up togehter it spelled KKK. It was a coup d'etat not only from anti-feminists, but white supremacists too.

It was a like a feverish nightmare.

The 'man' is back, capice? Omg. The humanity.

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