Sunday, February 18

Post single awareness day agenda

On Valentines Day aka Single Awareness Day you automatically dump any flirts or amorous objects of interest due to lack of concrete proof of mutual interest.  It's like the one time of the year where it's allowed and perfectly accepted to express your feelings for a secret love or someone you have been considering dating for a while. Ok, I was at a funeral, but I didn't even get one cute private message from anyone. Instagram public flirting doesn't count. If you post a kissy picture on Instagram, it's for everybody, not me personally. Nobody sent me any chocolate, roses or perfume either. So, I went back to Tinder. No delusions here. Reality checker number one. Before on Tinder I swiped right on everybody without even looking at the picture, to maximize my option. This practice my son said was despicable, that I was giving them delusions and handing out false pretentions, which might be true. So this time around I'm only swiping right on the hotties. Some might look hot at a first glance though, but then when you start chatting with them and look at additional pictures, the interest fades. Then there are some that I have chatted with before who are still here, and it's like..oh, you haven't found anyone either? I guess we're both just too ugly. Well, when I come to think about, I had a whole bunch of dates on Valentines Day, all the people who came to the funeral. One even took a photo of me. Anyway, I just talked to a woman on the phone about love and she said:
- You can't hurry love, don't throw the pig in the lake.
I was supposed to give her advice, but she said this to me. Just now while I was writing this. I suppose she meant that one shouldn't give up and throw someone away just because they weren't ready to express their feelings on Valentines Day. I know that, but still, some people are such cowards or pigs according to this lady.

There's plenty of pigs in the sea.

I just remembered when I went to see a psychic myself while I lived in Stockholm. Could have been around the millenium . She told me she saw a lion standing on my left side.

Youtube is better than Tinder, more information.

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