Friday, February 9


As a victim of pedophiles (my stepdad) I tend to become alerted when I see pedophilia tendencies among people and in social media. If you remember in summer 2017, several thousand men from arab countries added me on Facebook and I accepted some of their requests out of curiosity. I wanted to know what this was all about. It has come to my attention that this is most likely part of an islamic offensive in the shape of internet pilgrimage and religious solicitation. Some due to my bikini pictures from my time in Durban. Apparently I look very lovely, but need to be converted or accept my role as a whore, according to them. 😱 Some other disturbing things have also caught my attention. In this group of people it is common to post photos of small girls with make-up on accompanied by expressions like morning roses and morning love. This naturally brings about strong pedophilia connotations and it would be nice if the police investigating pedophilia would take a look at these groups. I have reported some images and accounts. They have also added me to some secret groups where images of children are being posted. Not sexual images per se, but images where children and the love for children is being romantisized. I always take myself off these groups when it happens and report. This is very disturbing and it happening openly on Facebook.

This observation is of course not meant to stigmatize arabs, muslims or in any other way discourage people from expressing love for children.

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