Friday, February 16

I'm a big fan

Of synchronicity. Not the film, or series, or whatever, but the actual occurence. Like with the rats. Yesterday I cleaned out my uncles cabin from 10 rats, for real. Dead though, but still. Today when I got home to the city and turned into my neigbourhood, I saw a big black rat running from the door next door to mine. Not the actual next door apartment, but the next door entrance to the house, on the back. I had to stop and look where it went. Big black rat. It went to the pile of pipes stacked on the snow covered lawn. There it hid until I left with noisy stroller. It looked more like a pet rat than a wild one. Considering the size and that it was coming from the house. Maybe someone got tired of their pet rat and let it outside, in the cold winter to freeze or starve to death. One of my ex boyfriends ex girlfriend did that. They had rats, a whole bunch of them and when they split up she decided to let them out in the wild, to become free rats. The poor animals probably got eaten up right away. Domesticated animals don't know what to do if the fridgeopener dissappears. Uneducated people often think that all animals survive automatically in the wild, allthough they never set a single paw there before.

Anyway, when we ( my uncles former coworkers drove me out there and came and got me late at night) drove back to town, we saw that cars had stopped along the way and a deer was lying on the road. It was lying with the legs curled up underneath and was alive. Maybe it had gotten hit by a car and was just dizzy? Which brings us to the topic of cars. I searched for the car keys to my uncles car for an hour or so through the massive amount of carbage that he apparently collected. Found them and was happy, cleaned out the car from stuff and then continued with sorting garbage again. Was sure I had the car keys in my pocket. Then when I looked they weren't there and I just couldn't find them anywhere. It occured to me that they must have ended up in one of the garbage bags. My head was spinning from the notion that I might have to look through them all empty the entire bin, or that keys were lost forever. I remembered I sorted the stuff from the car in particular bags and searched through them while praying to God, the Director or whatever deity that rules over these matters to help me find them. And there they were, in one of the bags, mixed with garbage and other weird car stuff that I have no idea what they are good for. I could not believe my luck. Then today, a friend on Instagram reported the almost exact thing. Weird that something so particular happens to two people almost simlutaneously, that know eachother as well. Maybe it's common for people who handles car keys, what do I know. I'm a complete novice in that area. The question now is, how fast can I get a drivers license? Last time I tried my application got stalled until it expired. They kept asking for more optical exams and each new one I sent in was insufficient. 

Speaking of the director again btw. My son stated the obvious that has passed me by: the Swedish word for the director is 'regissören', which includes my uncles name Sören in the end. Poetic. Wonder if that was intentional from the priest or just another synchronicity? Some people are startled when synchronicity occurs, but for me it happens all the time. It could be that my mind notice these things out of habit and it has become a practice. It's no use questioning why or apply deepers meanings to them (because that would merely be an introvert exercise of what dwells within), it's just how reality is constructed.

One more thing. Andreas always used to insist we sycnhronize our clocks, or wrist watches. I thought it was silly. My time is my own, but he insisted. In four days he's been dead for 13 years.

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