Saturday, February 10

Home Exam

This is an ode to the Home Exam.

Home Exam, oh Home Exam
please solve yourself

I don't care about Grubers (2014)  shadow box experiment, Markovas (2012) counter-phenomena theory, Simmels sociation ( 1964!) , Colemans (2014) intractable conflicts and de Matos (2014) excessive use of abbreviations.

Home Exam, can't you understand...

I don't need you anymore. I already know everything about everything. My mind is full.

There might be room for one more Netflix series though, just a small one.

Now listen here Home Exam, if you solve yourself this time, I will let you chill with me.


Home exam?

Oh yes, I also decided to sing at the funeral. First I was just considering it, but now I have already talked to the cantor and told her what song. I could of course cancel and say that I just can't. Which is a valid excuse. The thing is, I'm not Carola and I haven't been using my loud voice much lately and for it too sound good exercise is needed. My apartment also has wafer thin walls, which means the neighbours must be suffering tremendously from my vocal gymnastics. But the things you do for family, right?


Try it yourself, without making an altered creative interpretation. Just as it is. I challenge you.  I dare you.

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