Thursday, February 22

As hard as it might seem

I feel a bit like the queen these days, Travelling around the world and around the country. I'm hardly ever at home anymore. How many times has the monarchy been overthrown? Not by the state but other new monarchies? Like, if I decided I am the rightful queen of Sweden and whomever I choose for my husband will be the king and I got the Swedish people to agree, how would that work? Can the monarchy by the will of the people be forced to abdicate to favour a new royal regime? Well, I could always engage in flirtation with the prince. I can be his Swedish Camilla Parker Bowles. After all, he married a lookalike. This series is contageous, people smoke all the time. If you're not a smoker already The Crown will make you one. Sponsored by Marlborough perhaps. Matt Smith looks good on his knees though.

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