Monday, February 5

All of them

I find myself dreaming about a new cutie. Moderately new anyway. Those cuties are terrible. They think they can just walk around and look cute and get away with it. He's too young of course, and too cute and he might be too smart as well. What a horrible combination, I must block him from my mind immediately. The smart thing is dangerous. But then again, stupid people are dangerous for real. Mostly he's dangerous because he's a cutie. I don't have time to dream about cuties either. There's a pluralism of assesments, assignments, papers, investigations, chores and stuff, dissertations. I'm trying to say smart stuff here just in case he reads my blog. He's got a good name though, short. There are other cuties too, with long names. Romantic rivals. Dreamy and bohemic. This cutie is sporty though. He looks like a carbon copy of cuties of Xmas pasts. That can't be good either. I must take that as a warning sign Well, it's best to keep thing aloof. Serious relationships are traps anyway. They're for babymakers and insecure flutterhearts. I like to keep my independence.

It's always the same story though. I fall in love, he does too, something happens and then it ends. Or I fall in love, and he falls in love with someone else and nothing happens. Or, I don't fall in love, but he does and all sorts of unpleasant stuff happens. Mostly it's I fall in love, he finds out, googles me and moves to the other side of the planet. Or my mother or other stalkers find out, contacts him and scares him off with tall tales about whatever works for them. There is a pluralism of reasons I have been single the past 11 years: all above scenarios included. It's not easy being me. That's the reason I am me, because of the challenge. If I had been you it would have been way too easy.  It's also the fact that before my decade of singularity I lived in duality or family symbiosis for 13 years. Basically, it's been there done that, don't even bother me with that again. A travel buddy would be nice, someone who can drive a car. He must love animals too. That is very important. I judge people from how they treat animals, or even talk about animals.

Hey, is someone up for a funeral date on Valentines? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚  They say third time's a charm. It's the third time I sacrifice a family member to the love gods. Just kidding, it's a fortuity they all died at the end of January and then Valentines seemed like a fitting funeral day to express my love for them.


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